Philip Keezer

Managing Partner

Philip Keezer
Philip Keezer


Philip J. Keezer is a London-based businessman and the founder Grindstone Group, a consulting service firm that enables e-commerce and technology start-ups to reach their full potential.

After graduating from Georgia State University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in finance, Keezer returned to his hometown of Montreal and started his first company providing measurement and control platforms for the pulp and paper industry.

In 2008, he graduated with an MBA from McGill University specializing in strategic management and finance and started his first internet business venture, focused on providing content, ingestion and DRM technologies in the video game space.

As the company has grown, Keezer has led on the creation of market-leading products in e-commerce, digital rights management, and reporting systems. His interest in big data has led to the creation of innovative modelling technologies that boost revenue while accurately identifying fraud and advertising scams, all in the name of driving customer value and increasing the safety of doing business online.

Passionate about innovation, politics and his family, Keezer spends the majority of his time working to build Grindstone’s prospects in keeping with the goal of helping companies do business easier.

By focusing on technology, branding, and big data, Keezer’s provides companies with the tools and knowledge they need to work autonomously. Meanwhile, the Grindstone name is becoming ever more synonymous with Keezer’s core values of knowledge, honour, and hard work.

Areas of expertise

• Strategic leadership
• Business development
• Data analytics
• Management
• Online Advertising (including Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter)

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