grindstone strategy

We are deeply committed to establishing effective, collaborative, and loyal partnerships.

We look to identify high-potential owners, managers, and equity stakeholders of promising early market and middle market companies, who we believe can achieve extraordinary feats with the backing of our knowledge, technologies and core values.

We develop talented people and apply our industry experience, business-accelerating support network, and machine learning expertise to rapidly create value within our companies. All of the businesses in our portfolio share one common trait; they are disrupting their industries and are leaders at what they do.


Grindstone’s primary objective is to be the partner of choice for successful entrepreneurs looking to exit completely or partially. Our team works diligently to find these entrepreneurs and make the acquisition process as smooth as possible. Our expertise and network has allowed us to facilitate numerous successful start-ups, turnarounds and acquisitions of strategically aligned businesses.


Grindstone follows a precise and highly-efficient strategy focused on the consolidation of the digital technology industry. Through disciplined due diligence and agility, and our deep knowledge of the markets we work in, we help driven businesses achieve their goals. Our long-term vision of this industry is calculated and optimistic.


Our carefully tailored strategy improves our companies’ competitive positions by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations. Ultimately, we believe our model results in stronger companies that employ the best people, and deliver strong long-term returns.

We strive to work with companies that we believe bring unique value to our overall group.

Digital tech industry

We solely focus on companies that revolve in the digital technology industry or that do business within the industry.

High growth market

We target companies with strong positioning in large potential markets, growing and at a rapid pace.

Record of success

We look for companies with an established track record of success, growing at a double-digit pace monthly.

Robust technology

We look for a robust technological backbone, and companies that have integrated AI to augment their tech.

Profitability focused

We seek companies and entrepreneurs that have a profitability-focused mindset. We value a lean approach to business.

Aligned core values

We target companies and entrepreneurs that have core values aligned with ours: hard work, knowledge and honour.

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