our values

We work the Grindstone way. That means staying true to our three core values.


We are only as good as what we know. And sharing knowledge between us is what will bring us, collectively, to greatness. We believe in staying curious and humble, pushing ourselves relentlessly to learn more and become experts in our field. It has got us where we are today, and it's the only way to keep growing.


Conducting ourselves with honour means keeping our word, and acting with integrity and righteousness – always.  We believe in staying honest to ones own personal set of values, and that our members should never need to compromise those in pursuit of their career goals.

Hard Work

This means honing our skills through relentless practice, stopping at nothing to become the best at what we do. The best performers are always more dedicated than their competitors. And thus, we believe that without effort and commitment, ones talent is nothing more than unmet potential.

Dominating our market relies on a collective commitment to our mission and vision.

Our mission is to build a center of excellence, of the most honourable, hard-working and knowledgeable people, to mentor and empower an autonomous group of tech companies.

Our vision is a free market future ruled by autonomous individuals.

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